Covid-19 Communication

by | May 31, 2020

Hello Church!
At 10:30 am this upcoming Sunday, September 13 2020, we will have our first indoor worship service since the pandemic restrictions were put in place. There will be some changes to how we normally worship together; this message aims to inform you what you can expect to see.
The first thing is that everyone who is going to attend must pre-register using either the link that Lorin Larocque provided (on Facebook, on our website or in our weekly newsletter) or by calling Lorin at 380-5239. This requirement is ongoing, we will need people to pre-register for each and every service that they plan to attend.
On Sunday morning, we request that you show up not earlier than 10:15 am.
Put your masks on in your vehicle and come to the Entry front door (the normal entrance to our foyer, on the right as you enter) already wearing a mask. The door should be open for you and the first thing you should see is a hand sanitation station — please use it then proceed to the check-in desk.
At the check-in desk you will be met by Lorin and her team, and they will quickly check you in. Immediately after that you will be briefed on the social distancing measures required for the service. If it is Communion Sunday, a self-contained individual communion package will be available for you to pick up at that time. Then an usher will lead you in to your seat.
There are two options for social distancing:
Option One. If there are 50 or fewer people registered to attend, the minimum safe distance to be maintained will be 2 meters (the usher will seat you so that this distance is respected), but after you are seated you will be able to remove your mask. Your mask will need to be replaced before you sing.
Option Two. If there are more than 50 people registered to attend, the minimum safe distance to be maintained will be 1 meter (the usher will seat you so that this distance is respected), but you will need to wear your mask at all times. Maximum attendance for 1 meter social distancing is approximately 100 people in our Sanctuary.
A safe distance for unmasked singing is estimated to be 5 meters. The only people that will have this distance available will be the worship team, so anyone in the congregational who wishes to sing will need to be masked.
The only washrooms available will be the two washrooms nearest to the Family Room.
There will be no Nursery or Kids’ Church available until further notice.
Following the service all should mask before standing and depart through the foyer using the Exit doors (on the right as you depart). If we need to have people depart by sections, we will let you know which section goes first, etc.
Everyone is requested to safely socialize in the parking lot (maintain appropriate social distancing) following the service.
That’s how we think it is likely to run — keep in mind that the whole reason that we want to gather is so that we can to worship our Lord! Please bear with us as we work out the wrinkles that are bound to appear.