Hello Oromocto Baptist Church!
The OBC Advisory Board met on January 20th to prepare for our Annual Business Meeting (ABM). The majority of the meeting dwelt on the complexities inherent in conducting the ABM while the province is in the Red state, using Zoom and the internet (the largest concerns were how people would vote, and could we provide online access to all OBC members who wished to attend). After considering a proposal for how the ABM could be conducted, it was suggested that the meeting be delayed by a month, followed by a discussion considering if there were any essential elements that needed Church approval immediately and could not wait. Finally it was concluded that it would be a much better ABM if it could be conducted in person, in the Sanctuary, and that there were no reasons why the meeting could not be delayed.
Accordingly, the OBC ABM is delayed until Wednesday February 24th. The Advisory Board will reconvene one week prior to the new ABM date to ensure that we are ready.
Until then, stay safe, trust in God’s providence, keep watching our services online, and keep the faith!
Doug MacLean
Chair, OBC Advisory Board