As you will have heard, as of Friday midnight July 30th 2021, the Government of New Brunswick plans to lift all mandatory restrictions imposed over the course of the pandemic, including lifting all mandatory pandemic public health restrictions, lifting all limits on gatherings and the number of people within facilities and ending the requirement to wear face masks in public.
So what does this mean for people who wish to come to OBC? It means that:
– There is no need to pre-register before attending Worship services.
– There is no mandated reason to wear a mask while at OBC.
Hand sanitizer will continue to be provided at entrances and exits.
If you don’t feel well, please stay home.
If someone wears a mask, they are clearly less comfortable with the end of restrictions. Others at OBC are requested to respect their wishes by keeping their social distance.
Not everyone will feel ready to jump back into life as if nothing happened. For some, the return to normal will be at a fast pace. Others may want to ease out of the safety measures we have been surrounded by for so long. There is no right way to do this. Everyone must do what feels best for them while remaining safe.
Some people may struggle more than others to adapt to these changes. With this awareness, it is essential for all of us to continue to be kind and mutually supportive throughout these changes and beyond.